Coaching/Movement Psychotherapy


Is there an area in your life that you wish to improve?


Let me support and encourage you to achieve that by getting to the root of what you would like to change. Using tools and setting simple steps in place will enable you to shift your perspective and propel you forward towards attaining your goal. Coaching offers you a way to fulfil all areas of life in an active, positive and solution focussed way. Sessions are performed face to face and/or via skype. Get in touch to book and start witnessing the results for yourself.



80% of what we understand in a conversation is read through our body language. Movement Psychotherapy is a relational process that fosters connection through the power of the non-verbal and verbal. Using the body as a vehicle to explore feelings through the use of movement supports the integration of emotional, cognitive, physical, social and spiritual aspects of self. The medium offers a non-judgmental safe space to express feelings allowing the individual to explore alternative perspectives. A variety of different means may be used to do this e.g. creative movement, dance, play, props, music, art materials. Movement Psychotherapy can be explored with individuals or within a small group environment in settings such as healthcare, education, social care, charities and private practice. 

"Dance to your own rhythm"