Pilates was first founded by a man named Joseph Pilates who supported the belief that mental and physical wellbeing were connected. His method was called Contrology for a number of years before being renamed as Pilates.


Pilates aims to strengthen and condition muscles around the joints in order to build more equal stability and awareness throughout the body.


Pilates improves posture by strengthening the core muscles around the joints. It improves tone, flexibility, balance and increased joint mobility within the body by using low impact exercises. IIt also decreases stress and tension both in body and mind by building awareness and being in the present moment. For athletes Pilates can complement training by strengthening the whole body and not just the particular muscle group most used preventing injury through repetitive use.


Pilates can be for anyone from beginners or children right through to the elderly or elite athletes (I have practiced since I was 16 at ballet school). Small equipment used within sessions can support people with medical conditions but also be used to add more challenge and resistance to an exercise.


If you have any underlying health conditions or concerns, please seek medical advice from a health professional or GP.

Image by Charlie Kelly