What I offer

We move 24 hours a day that’s 1440 minutes or 86,400 seconds. Whether it be as small as breathing while we’re sleeping or the mammoth challenge of trekking Everest Base Camp. Think about how much one individual moves in their life time. Most of the time we’re so busy concentrating on life that we’re not even aware that our bodies are working incredibly hard to keep us alive never mind looking after them!

Here's where I come in.... I was a professionally trained classical dancer with over 12 years in the performing industry climbing the ranks from an ensemble to a principal dancer. I'm now a registered health professional (Movement Psychotherapist MA). I teach pilates, barre, yoga, meditation, and offer life coaching. I'vebeen teaching for the last 10 years specifically pilatesanddance. All can be offered individually or a melange of one or more of the disciplines.


In a world where the majority of our schooling/professions are sedentary, I’m passionate about bringing movement and wellbeing to communities and organisations in an inclusive and empowering manner. There is much research showing how movement is intrinsically healing. Cultivating awareness through any of these modalities can offer increased wellbeing both physically and mentally while incorporating a sense of creativity.


My work is always tailored and bespoke to the needs of you, your organisation, school or company. It’s vital for me to hear your voice. Your needs, choices and your expectations of the work are important to me so we may find the perfect fit for you and/or your group.  


You may want to work within a framework concentrating on certain key themes whilst trying out different modalities to produce a happier more fulfilled/focused you/group.


Some examples of themes that may be explored within sessions are relationships, positive mindset, flexibility (both body and mind), empowerment, resilience, self-care, creativity, connection, concentration, fitness, goal and intention setting.


Movement should be something one looks forward to, not fills them with dread. My sessions work around having fun at the same time as building fitness, confidence and an increased sense of awareness and understanding while being accessible to everyone and anyone.


If you’re interested, please get in touch so that we may organise a meeting where we can explore different options to find out what would work for you and/or your group.